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Jennifer Scott holding a rock with "authenticity" written on it

What is Therapy?

“Connecting  with yourself and  knowing yourself 

  is a monumental and life changing event.”

― Bryant McGill

Therapy is not just a grim, somber process where we mine everything in your life for the triggers, injury, and pain.  Therapy is also about levity and celebration.  Therapy is about honoring your personal strengths and gifts, and encouraging your skills and talents. Therapy is about celebrating your triumphs and successes –inner and outer, big and small.  Like all positive relationships, there should be moments of celebration, laughter, and lightness sprinkled in.

Therapy is about connection. Connection to another. Connection to self. Connection to the world.  For better or for worse, the connections we have and had with others have shaped our thoughts and feelings about self, others, and the world. I see therapy as an intentional, purposeful relationship with another person in service to your growth and wellbeing. It gets to be all about you - in a good way.

Therapy is about an engaged process.  As the saying goes: as above, so below. My rework of this phrase regarding human behavior: as before, so now. Our past informs our present behavior, thoughts, feelings, and reactions.  New & fruitful emotional and relational experiences create a more flexible and resilient human being.   When challenging reactions and patterns show up in the “room,” the therapist compassionately engages the client in the name of insight, healing, and positive change.

Therapy is about productive change. That’s the essential reason people seek therapy -something’s gotta give, something has to be dealt with and faced, something has to change. Therapy is about practical support to help you get unstuck. Therapy is about gaining new perspectives, and learning new skills and tools for dealing with challenges. Therapy is about having  new ally in your life, supporting and encouraging you in your efforts and processes.

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