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I am a California licensed marriage and family therapist with decades of experience in the healing and helping professions. I earned my Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. I have worked or volunteered in public schools, community-based nonprofits, and private settings since 2008. 

The ethos of my therapeutic work is informed by many disciplines and practices, including contemplative traditions, western and eastern wisdom traditions, ceremony and ritual, dance, group & individual psycho-experiential exploration, and an ongoing commitment to my own personal growth and evolution.  I have deep gratitude for the many teachers, healers, and mentors that have supported me in my own healing journey.

I have a particular passion for working with those who are:

  • seeking to heal childhood wounds and resolve trauma

  • navigating significant life transitions such as divorce

  • dealing with loss, bereavement  and grief,

  • struggling with depression, anxiety, confidence, and low self-esteem.

  • seeking to create healthier relationships

  • grappling with aging concerns, life meaning/purpose, and work burnout

I also offer a non-judgmental, compassionate, and informed space for individuals to explore their experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness, including those created by powerful psychedelic substances (psychedelic integration).    


My style is deeply relational, trauma-informed,  intuitive, and interactive. I work from a non-pathologizing, compassionate stance, and  I hold as deep truth that people are more than their worst moments, darkest thoughts, and severest symptoms.

Jennifer Scott, therapist, in her office in Santa Rosa, California

Jennifer Scott, MA,MFT


I am deeply grateful for my vocation

as a psychotherapist, as it allows me to actively engage in my deepest wish for all; as we navigate the complexities of our lives: 

“May all beings
be at ease and at peace,
may all beings
be free from suffering."

(Metta benediction of loving-kindness)

As a therapist, and human, I embrace the following core beliefs:

  • I believe that you are worthy of kindness, respect, connection, and belonging

  • I believe that you are a multi-faceted, nuanced human being, and that therapy should address the whole personthe mind, body, heart and spirit

  • I believe we all have an invincible sun (Camus) inside us, where reserves of courage, beauty, power, and healing wisdom reside. 

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