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Jennifer Scott, therapist in Santa Rosa, California
Therapist hands holding flowers and a rock that says "possibility"

Offering a diverse and wide range of
Psychotherapy techniques to support your
journey to a deeply felt sense of well being.

Hi, I'm Jennifer.

I'm a licensed psychotherapist in Santa Rosa, California. I see the core of my work as reducing suffering by helping others connect more fully to their innate wisdom, untapped courage, and essential goodness.

I work with individuals who have ongoing challenges with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship challenges, and unresolved trauma.


My goal is to help you stop feeling overwhelmed, anxious, defeated, depressed, and limited by distressing past experiences and internal blocks.

I am a deeply relational yet results-inspired therapist, utilizing powerful 

neuroexperiential and evidenced-based techniques in my practice for

tangible, positive & potent change.

I am available for in-person therapy in Sonoma County, CA

and  for online teletherapy for anyone residing in California.

Healing is your right,
your responsibility,
and the risk you can’t afford not to take.

Thaiia Senquetta.

  Helping people
is what I look forward to every day


Jennifer Scott, Therapist in Santa Rosa, California
integrative therapy - hand on client's shoulder

Integrative Therapy

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Pyschotherapy

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